Digitize product Sourcing process

Get products to market 30% faster. Bring them to live with integrated supplier materials.

Future of Product sourcing is Realistic 3D

Altas9 enables retailers / brands to create, sourcing & get products to market in record time

Design products using real supplier data

Work directly with suppliers to take finalise sampling

Use the power of Realistic 3D to bring products to market

Design new Products in seconds

Take a new concept and instantly present it using actual factory materials

Upload 3D CAD design and instantly see it in Realistic 3D

Iterate with new materials and colors directly from supplier

Publish & share new product designs direct to whole team

Digital Materials library from your suppliers

Get access to a unified materials library from across all your suppliers.

Integrated Materials directly from supplier factory

Available to be used in visualizing products

Quickly evaluate your cost options by Material

Virtual Presentations with Augmented Reality

See Product concepts in front of your before making a sampling request

Bring Products to life using Augmented Reality.

Place entire new product season virtual in a group

Share product collections with entire team to get feedback

Show products & quote faster - from weeks to hours

Increase % of orders by showing products quickly

Shorten your lead to close time by 50%

Get Products from Suppliers in Realistic 3D

See first product samples in days instead of weeks - directly from suppliers

View Product in 3D with actual dimensions

Integrated Product details & documents

Leave instant annotations and feedback in 3D for suppliers

Find products you are looking for

Use Robust search & AI to find similar products of your suppliers

Search by name, category, style, materials and more

Use A.I. based matching to find suppliers with similar products

Notified when new matching products are posted

Hyper realistic 3D photography

Generate life like high impact visuals of final product collection without expensive photography

Place provide in themed virtual rooms & scenes

General 4K and 8K images in a matter of hours

Get Marketing and Sales team excited for future products

This is the future of product sourcing. For any brand who wants to compete in this market, it a must have.

H&M Hard goods, Sweden VP of Sourcing

Poly9 is to our sourcing business, like the internet was to the fax machine

Sherav Hong Kong Ltd Director

Poly9 has changed the way we do business. We are the first to show samples to customers, with more options than ever before and in 1/10th the cost.

Vision Exports Managing Director

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