Amplify sales with Realistic 3D

Close more orders with power of realistic 3D product visualization & instant customization.

Revolutionary new way to sell products

Poly9's unique approach enables Retailers to launch Products in just 8 weeks

Show products virtually like they look in person

Give customers options at their fingertips

Personalized quote in hours instead of weeks

Add new Products in seconds

Never been so easy to add a product into your sales catalog

Upload 3D CAD and start building

Define Part name with Customization options

Publish and share via secure links to your customers

Give customization option & real-time pricing

Eliminate the back and forth and give customer all customization options

Real-time Customization with factory materials

Customize parts, Panton colors and Digital prints

Formula and Volumetric based accurate pricing

Augmented Product Collection view

Enable Customers to buy products in a collection using Augmented Reality

Create online collections of products

View products in front of them with AR

Increase size of order with group selling

Decrease time to show products from weeks to hours

Increase % of orders by showing products quickly

Shorten your lead to close time by 50%

Build a robust 3D product catalog

Seamlessly manage thousands of products in catalog and access it anywhere

Powerful cloud search & Filters options

Integrated Product details & documents

Share catalog access with customers

Send Quotations online in seconds

Build a highly personalized quotations via email

Build a quotations with all the details with just a few clicks

Accurate pricing and discount options

Instant notification on quotation product views.

Get Instant comments via 3D Annotations

Customer feedback and change requests with in context comments

Share photos, documents and product notes

Live comments with notifications

Keep everyone on the same track with live updates

This is the future of product sourcing. For any brand who wants to compete in this market, it a must have.

H&M Hard goods, Sweden VP of Sourcing

Poly9 is to our sourcing business, like the internet was to the fax machine

Sherav Hong Kong Ltd Director

Poly9 has changed the way we do business. We are the first to show samples to customers, with more options than ever before and in 1/10th the cost.

Vision Exports Managing Director

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