Poly9 Platform drives immediate ROI

Reduce time to develop products & get faster buyer decisions


Develop new products with market trend data


Source products faster with real-time supplier communication.


Reduce cost of product from manufacturing to merchandising

Our Customers

Poly9 is a next generation concept to shelf platform for buyers and suppliers

Poly9 has helped us realized a $2.5 Million saving just within the first year of running it and we are planning larger savings and to unlock new business with this platform.

C. L. Gupta Director

Poly9 is essential to our success in managing millions of units shipped everywhere to top brands in US, Europe and 70 other countries

A F Exports CEO

Poly9 has revolutionized our business. We are now always prepared in buyer interactions, first to send product presentations and more confident in closing deals.

Vision Exports Director

This is the future of product sourcing. For any brand who wants to compete in this market, it a must have.

H&M Hard goods, Sweden VP of Sourcing

Poly9 is to our sourcing business, like the internet was to the fax machine

Sherav Hong Kong Ltd Director